OSTRAVA, CZECH REPUBLIC - MARCH 18: Laboratory technicians from AGELLAB, headquartered in Vitkovice Hospital, were the first private laboratories in the country to be licensed to test for the presence of coronavirus from the National Institute of Public Health in Ostrava, Czech Republic on 18 March 2020. Up to 250 samples are examined daily. Currently, 464 cases of SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) have been officially confirmed in the Czech Republic. ( Lukas Kabon - Anadolu Agency )

Коронавірус у Мукачеві. Жінка з COVID-2019 ходила до церкви

Станом на 17:00 є один лабораторно підтверджений випадок на COVID-19 в нашій громаді на нашому рівні, хоча для остаточного підтвердження

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